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Hey Baby Salon

Hey Baby Salon

Client Corner
 This weather is fierce!    

   Now is the time to prepare your hair for the heat,cold and    drying winds!  Are you ready for lustrous, moisturized hair?  The cooler  temps and lower humidity will expose  unmanaged hair.  Make your hair healthy and vibrant , the  ultimate essential  accessory!   How about a good trim to  start the season?
 Then treat yourself to a strengthening and hydrating 
steam  conditioning treatment. Top it all off with a  protective color  glaze for incredible shine.  Ahh, perfection.... you, fabulous!
Got frizzy hair? How about a keratin treatment to smooth hair and reduce       curl! Be sleek and gorgeous!                         

Ms. Arlene Johnson

loves Hey Baby Salon
because..."My hair is always gorgeous and the service is spectacular!" 
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